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Commercial fencing

Our commercial fencing solutions are adaptable to any requirement, whether it’s privacy, security, or enhancing brand aesthetics. Our dedicated team is here to guide you in making the optimal choice for your needs.

Commercial Fence Applications

We offer a comprehensive range of commercial fencing applications suitable for various purposes. From economical chain-link fencing ideal for storage facilities and parks to durable wood fencing perfect for apartment complexes and school facilities, we cover it all.

For a reliable and skilled commercial fence contractor, look no further than our company. Our team comprises seasoned project managers, estimators, and safety-trained installers who excel in diverse environments, including new construction sites, government, military, industrial, and secure facilities

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Professional Commercial Fencing

Investing in professional commercial fencing is a strategic move, whether safeguarding business premises or enhancing privacy and aesthetics. Expertly designed and installed commercial fencing offers a holistic solution, addressing security concerns while elevating property appearance. With customization options, regulatory compliance, and durability, it’s an investment that brings enduring value and peace of mind.


Benefit from the extensive expertise of our fencing professionals in Ipswich, proficient in designing, installing, and maintaining an array of fencing solutions. From classic timber fencing to modern aluminium and steel options, we cater to diverse preferences and requirements.

Benefits of Commercial Fencing


Experience heightened privacy with our commercial fencing solutions, shielding your residential or commercial space from prying eyes and ensuring confidentiality within your premises.

Enhanced Security

Deter trespassers and intruders effectively with our commercial fencing's robust construction and strategic placement, providing a formidable barrier for enhanced security.

Property Value

Enhance the overall aesthetic appeal and value of your property with our commercial fencing solutions, offering a blend of functionality and style for residential and commercial spaces alike.

Commercial Fencing Pro Fencing Ipswich, QLD

Commercial Fencing Experts

Selecting the right commercial fencing experts is paramount for property owners. Our team of Commercial Fencing Experts understands the unique needs of both residential and commercial customers, delivering bespoke solutions that seamlessly integrate functionality and style.

Choose from our array of fencing options tailored to meet the unique demands of your business, including sturdy metal fencing, robust security gates, and custom solutions, enhancing both safety and appearance.

why choose our commercial fencing services?

We offer a range of fencing options designed specifically for our commercial clients, including durable metal fencing, secure security gates, and bespoke solutions customized to suit the individual requirements of your business. Elevate both the safety and aesthetic appeal of your commercial property by leveraging our expertise in fencing solutions.

Quality Installation and Service

With our extensive training, experience, and expertise, we are fully equipped to provide dependable services for commercial and security fence contracting, irrespective of the complexity of the project specifications. Our unwavering commitment to quality installation and service underscores our topmost priority.

Premium Commercial Fencing

Without the requisite security measures in place at your commercial property, you face ongoing risks both during occupancy and in periods of vacancy. Reach out to our company today, and we'll promptly initiate the process to address your security needs.

Property Value

The installation of commercial fencing not only provides an additional level of security but also elevates the visual appeal of your property. Consequently, this enhancement can positively influence the overall value of both residential and commercial spaces.

Expert Fencing Contractor

Premium Commercial Fencing Services

Insufficient security measures at your commercial property pose ongoing risks whether the building is occupied or vacant. Contact our company today, and we’ll promptly begin addressing your security concerns. With a variety of high-quality security fence options available, we will collaborate with you to select the most suitable one tailored to meet the unique needs of your premises.

Our objective is to achieve the optimal balance between aesthetics, protection, and durability through a thoughtful integration of fence design, height, features, and complementary accessories.

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Recognizing the paramount importance of customer service, we have cultivated a reputation centered on providing a welcoming and supportive environment for all individuals, regardless of their level of expertise. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a complete novice, our commitment to offering helpful and friendly assistance remains unwavering.

We take pride in upholding a traditional style of service that has regrettably become scarce among many Ipswich fencing companies over the years. Our dedicated team of timber fence installers is readily available to address all your needs concerning timber fences, ensuring a seamless and satisfactory experience from start to finish.

If you seek a customer service experience reminiscent of days past, look no further. Contact Pro Fencing Ipswich today for unparalleled fencing solutions in Ipswich, characterized by exceptional customer service and unmatched quality.

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Browse our FAQs:

At Pro Fencing Ipswich, we provide a wide range of fencing options, including Colorbond fencing, timber fencing, aluminium fencing, and chain wire fencing. We use the highest quality materials to ensure durability and minimal maintenance.
Our friendly team can help you select the perfect fence based on your needs. Whether you’re looking for low maintenance with Colorbond fences or the classic look of timber fences, we offer free quotes and expert advice to match your fencing vision.
Timber fencing offers a natural look that can be customised to fit any aesthetic. It provides a sturdy barrier and can be tailored with different styles. Our timber fencing options are ideal for businesses looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution.
Yes, we specialise in pool fencing that complies with safety standards to keep your family and clients safe. We offer various styles, including aluminium and timber, to ensure the perfect solution for your pool area.
Colorbond fencing is known for its durability and low maintenance. It withstands harsh weather conditions, making it perfect for commercial premises. With a variety of colours available, it can complement any business aesthetic.
Absolutely. We offer timber retaining walls that can be integrated with your fencing project. This provides additional support and enhances the overall look of your property, ensuring a cohesive design.

Yes, we provide free quotes and consultations for all your fencing needs. Contact us today to discuss your project, and our team will ensure you receive quality workmanship and great service throughout the Ipswich area, including Augustine Heights and Bellbird Park.

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